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Search engine for construction projects worldwide and in your neighborhood. Find leads, run analytics, and grow your business!

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Search. Analyse. Close

Search construction sites. Analyse your market. Close more deals. All from one place.

Track & follow

Track construction sites. Follow your competitors’ next moves. Evaluate new strategic partnerships.

Know the people in charge

Get background info on the companies involved. Analyse their associations with architects, contractors, owners etc.

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Advanced Analytics

Analyse a building's neighbourhood (e.g. demography), which companies fit you strategically, or who works with whom

Verified Construction Data

If a construction site does not develop as planned,
we immediately identify this through most current satellite images


Get Construction Leads Earlier

We detect new construction projects months earlier. Our search algorithm operates globally in real-time, 24h/day


No Setup, No Training, Just Go.

Instantly browse verified details on +3.000.000 constructions in one spot

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Find, specify & evaluate new construction leads

Browse through hundreds of thousands of construction projects by:

  • location (where can you sell?)
  • construction phase (when can you sell?)
  • building size (how much can you sell?)
  • company involved (who should you talk to?)
  • and much more!
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Manage your leads within one platform

More leads. Simple workflow. Easy management. Assign your construction project leads to their current lead status, from “to-do”, over “in progress”, to “completed”.
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Track projects and follow companies

Get to know the most active property developers, architects, and engineers working in your targeted markets. Building Radar is your source for new construction sales leads!
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Instant notification to keep on track

Log In. Read updates. Never miss a construction sales opportunity again! You will receive customized notifications to your needs.
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Smarter. Faster. Customized.

Your personalised dashboard provides you with an overview of all your important activities. Spend less time researching construction sales leads. And more time doing sales!
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All the information you need

From residential, office, or retail, we have got comprehensive details on new construction sites globally. Know what product to sell, at what time, to what customer, in what amount. With access to all of this, finding the right deal has never been easier.
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Niche market knowledge through analytics

Use highly customized analytics, including decades of historical details to always come informed to client pitches. With our powerful analytics, you spot tomorrow’s opportunities today.
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Zero effort

Automatically get the right construction leads tailored to your needs based on your usage behaviour.

Always informed

Stay up-to-date throughout the whole construction bidding process. Get alerts every time when your tracked projects are updated, or new projects match your profile.

Know the people in charge

Analyse a company’s association with architects, contractors, owners etc., through historical and ongoing construction project comparisons.

Advanced business intelligence

Which companies fit you strategically? Where (regions or verticals) are your competitors most active? Who works with whom?

Optimize your active selling time and conversion rate

  • Get verified construction leads
  • Focus on sales rather than construction lead generation and qualification
  • Stay informed about all construction projects in your neighbourhood and worldwide
  • Track your competitors’ next moves, and evaluate new strategic partnerships
  • Detect new construction projects months earlier
  • Benefit from verified lead specs such as construction phase and building size
  • Get real-time intelligence on the commercial real estate industry
  • Explore construction projects in all construction phases: vision, proposed plan, approved plan, design, under-construction (ground-work, topped-out, fitting-out), completion, completed, operation, maintenance/renovation.
  • Save more than 5h of research per day to find government bids
  • Grow your revenue by 3x through intelligent commercial public offerings
  • Detect construction industry trends through market analysis in different markets
  • No infrastructure to set up — just log in and get to work
  • Find and filter public tenders according to your needs
  • Get a searchable real-time snapshot of the global commercial real estate market
  • Do not waste time on manual sales lead verification
  • Make your b2b sales within the construction industry more efficient
  • Never miss a construction tender again
  • Browse over 130.000 web pages with private and public construction tenders on one platform
  • Analyse the construction industry and derive specialised forecasts for your needs
  • Manage all your leads around new construction sites
  • Always be up-to-date on new construction projects!
  • Get the best information on early-stage construction projects worldwide
  • Find new construction leads around the world
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